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3 Ways to Maximize Your Beauty Sleep

Posted on September 15, 2017 by Ella Fedonenko

During the day, our bodies are exposed to various environmental toxins that could damage the skin. We repair the damage best at night when our body can fully concentrate on cellular repair and regeneration. Although our natural functions help us heal from the everyday stressors, we should also put in the effort to optimize our sleep routines. Here are three tips to make the most of your beauty sleep and reduce wrinkles.

  1. Use a humidifier

Every night, before bed, many people take a few moments to nourish their skin with moisturizing lotions and creams. We strongly believe hydration is absolutely essential to achieving soft, supple skin. We also believe you should always be aware of the way the environment affects the condition of your skin. For instance, the dry air that circulates throughout your room as you sleep can create a dull complexion. A humidifier placed in the bedroom will infuse the air with moisture that will keep your skin hydrated.

  1. Use silk pillowcases

Cotton is a common fabric used in pillowcases because it is affordable and easily manufactured. However, spending a night with your face resting on a cotton sheet can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Cotton blends create unnecessary friction against your body, which results in frizzy hair and creased skin. Silk, on the other hand, is a soft and luxurious material that will not cause the friction and it will increase your comfort during sleep. Silk pillowcases are more hypoallergenic than cotton and polyester blends, and they are also better at moisture retention than cheaper fabrics.

  1. Sleep on your back

It’s no secret that a good night’s rest can do wonders for your appearance, but sleeping can also age the skin if you are positioned incorrectly in bed. Sleeping on your side creates creases and exaggerates nasolabial fold on one side of your face. Over time, it will cause facial asymmetry and create wrinkles. You can prevent premature aging by simply sleeping on your back.

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Video: Erase Facial Vertical Lines with Juvederm

Posted on September 7, 2017 by Ella Fedonenko

A patient describes her experience using Juvederm to treat vertical lines on her face. The minimally invasive procedure gave her the natural looking results she wanted.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Laser Hair Removal

Posted on July 1, 2016 by Ella Fedonenko

Whether you’re headed to the beach, pool or a backyard barbecue, follow these simple do’s and don’ts of summer laser hair removal.  (more…)

The “Liquid Facelift”

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Ella Fedonenko

Last week, we talked about one of the newest beauty products to be approved by the FDA, Voluma. But it’s important to note that Voluma is not the first product to evolve from the popular “derma fillers,” like Restylane, Juvederm et al, as a “volumizer.” Appropriately, it’s called Sculptra.

In August, 2004, Sculptra was approved by the FDA for restoring volume to areas of the face that have lost fat, due to either the aging process or from losing a substantial amount of weight. This loss of volume usually appears at the temple, under the eyes, around the mouth or in the lower cheek areas. Keep in mind that a rounder, fuller contour is associated with a younger appearance while this loss of volume “flattens out” the face, creating shadows, hollows and other distinctive signs of age.

Like Voluma, Sculptra is injected into the sunken areas to plump them up and “re-sculpt” the facial contours. By adding volume, the volumizers also lift sagging areas and erase lines and wrinkles.

And, like Voluma, Sculptra is extremely long-lasting and often the results are maintained for up to two years. But there are also some very distinct differences between the two drugs.

Voluma contains hyaluronic acid, which effects are visible immediately. Sculptra, when injected into the deeper layers of the skin, interacts with the body’s own creation of collagen and the results emerge over a period of time. Several treatments are the protocol and as the Sculptra causes the body to produce more and more collagen, the volume increases, slowly and naturally.

The side-effects are similar, for both products, and are usually minor and disappear quickly. And the cost is also comparable, although higher, than for the shorter-lasting derma fillers.

Ultimately, the most important and exciting “take-away” information that has been created by Sculptra and Voluma, in the cosmetic dermatology industry – for both patients and practitioners – is that many years of aging may now be erased, without surgery. And the effects, while still called “temporary,” may last for years.

Improve Your Appearance with Restylane

Posted on November 21, 2012 by Ella Fedonenko

Aging is a fact of life, but you don’t have to deal with sagging skin or wrinkles when innovative solutions such as Restylane exist. If you prefer not to deal with an invasive surgery and recovery, such as those associated with an eye or face lift, Restylane injections offer you a quick solution for common signs of aging.

What effect does the aging process have on the skin? As the body ages, the production of Hyaluronic acid begins to decrease. This natural acid is responsible for providing the skin with fullness and suppleness associated with a firm, youthful appearance and when it decreases, wrinkles and sagging begin to develop in the skin. Repeated facial expressions lead to wrinkles, and over time, those wrinkles become deeper and deeper. Restylane injections are used to plump up such areas of the face and are most commonly used for:

• Nasolabial folds – deep expression lines that run from the nose down to the corners of the mouth

• Lip enhancement – thinning lips are also a sign of aging, and Restylane restores the fullness of thinning lips to create a younger appearance

Many skin care centers offer injectable fillers such as Restylane, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills being two of the top locations for the procedure. The amount of Restylane needed varies from patient to patient – so your doctor will be able improve your appearance with a few simple sessions. Restylane injections are painless and don’t require any downtime – meaning results are noticeable in just a few hours. After a consultation with the healthcare professional, the Restylane is administered into areas of the face in which you want to minimize wrinkles or improve firmness.

Some side effects might occur – but are very mild. Look for:

• Tenderness

• Swelling

• Redness

• Bruising

While these effects might occur in the first week after the injection, there are several ways to manage symptoms:

• A cold compress on the injection areas will minimize swelling

• Avoid exposing the skin to intense cold or heat – as the skin will be numb and it could pose a risk for injury

• Visit your healthcare professional for a follow-up visit

Restylane injections are a quick and easy solution for dealing with common signs of aging, such as wrinkles and thinning skin and lips. In most cases, results last up to 6-8 months.

Candidates for Skin Tightening

Posted on October 19, 2012 by Ella Fedonenko

Have you lost weight and are still unhappy with the way you look because of the excess skin on your arms or abdomen? Are signs of aging, which include sagging, making their way onto your face and neck? You could be the perfect candidate for skin tightening through innovate laser procedures. Loose skin can bring down self-esteem or confidence, so use the minimally invasive treatment to get your skin looking youthful and rejuvenated.

In Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, skin tightening procedures take care of any area of the body with loose skin. They include:

• Abdomen

• Neck

• Jawline

• Arms

• Thighs

• Décolleté

Skin tightening with laser has many benefits – one of the most important being the ability to tone or tighten skin without surgery. This allows patients to have a quicker recovery with lasting results. Laser skin tightening also minimizes risk – the laser works to heat collagen up in the skin, causing it to thicken and repair. The process leaves the patient with a new buildup of collagen, which tightens and tones sagging skin. Through the aging process, collagen and elastin production decreases and causes sagging around the eyes, or jawline, which is commonly known as “jowls”. Using a laser skin tightening procedure on the face renews collagen and stimulates a tightening effect.

Skin tightening is a perfect solution for those who want a rejuvenated look without surgery – such as an invasive face or neck lift. Whether you are middle-aged and want to put off a surgery, or are younger and want to tighten the skin around certain areas of the body, laser skin tightening is effective for men and women of all ages. Side effects are minimal – unlike more invasive procedures that require surgery time, post-operative care and recovery. In some cases, redness or swelling might occur in treatment areas, but subside within a few hours of the procedure.

The recommended treatment intervals take place every two to four weeks for four to six treatments, depending on the needs of the patient. After the recommended treatments, patients can expect to see results for six months – but in many cases, firmer skin lasts much longer and depends on the aging rate in each individual. Skin tightening options are plentiful around Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, and really provide a safer alternative to cosmetic surgery. With maintenance, healthy diet and a proper skin care regimen, you can have toned, youthful skin within a short amount of time.

How does botox erase wrinkles?

Posted on September 12, 2011 by Ella Fedonenko

Botox is a popular medication used worldwide cosmetically to help erase fine facial lines and wrinkles. You have likely considered getting Botox to smooth out your facial lines, but have you ever wondered how exactly it does that?

Botox is actually a neurotoxic protein. The scientific name for it is botulinum toxin and it is produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. You have probably heard of the disease botulism, a type of food poisoning. This disease occurs when large amounts of the toxin are released into your system, paralyzing your muscles.

Doctors have taken this effect and harnessed it to help, not harm.

Botox uses a very small, extremely dilute dose of the toxin. The dose is so small that no danger from the toxin remains. The toxin prevents the muscles from contracting, by blocking the nerve impulses that control them. Since the muscles can no longer contract, the wrinkles smooth out and fade away.

After several months the nerves will begin sending out new shoots allowing the muscles to receive signals once more. At this point, retreatment is necessary, but over time your muscles will become trained and any returning wrinkles will be much less noticeable. The length of time needed between treatments varies, depending on each individual. Some people will require treatments around the three-month mark, while others will be able to go as long as nine months between treatments.

Botulinum toxin works because it blocks the chemical acetylcholine from traveling from the nerves to the muscles. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine instructs the muscle to tense up or contract. Without acetylcholine, the muscle simply doesn’t retract, which allows it to remain loose and relaxed, softening up the area and easing the wrinkles.

In addition to treating wrinkles, the signal-blocking effect of Botox is also useful for treating conditions like migraine headaches, muscle tension and spasms, and excessive sweating.